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Thank you for considering American Realtors, an A+ rated real estate company.  We have the tools, technology, and experience to smoothly and promptly sell your home for its highest current market value, with a special eye to the safety and security of everyone involved. 


Originally founded in 1996 by Patrick and Trish Schaefer, American REALTORS is a local, family-owned 
and operated business--one of the very few local real estate firms to be rated A+ by the Better 
Business Bureau.

 American, REALTORS provides the technology and the high-touch you need to promptly sell your home for its highest current market value, with a 
special eye on keeping your family, belongings, and identity safe.  The risks inherent in today’s real 
estate transaction are different than they used to be, and are ever-changing.  

Does Wisconsin Law allow felons and sexual predators to work as real estate agents? YES  

Is buying or selling a home really that dangerous?

The real estate, rental and leasing occupation is considered "high-risk”, and has seen an astounding 
average of 75 deaths PER year from 2003 to 2009, (about 1 every 5 days) according to the Bureau of 
Labor Statistics. These numbers have only increased since then 
due to the housing and credit crisis, which has brought an increase in vacant homes. Frighteningly, 
statistics also show Real Estate to be the profession with the highest number of rape attacks.

"Unfortunately, the sobering reality is, when you decide to offer your home on the market for sale, you 
inevitably expose yourself and your family members to many of the same high levels of risk-- from 
physical harm, and home invasion, to theft of possessions, as well as identity theft”, says American, 
REALTORS owner, Trish Schaefer.  "We understand the many areas where our Clients are most 
vulnerable when selling or buying a home, and we take steps to help mitigate those dangers.”

"For Sale by Owners face additional risks that are even more difficult for the home owner to manage on 
their own”, says Schaefer. 

It wasn’t that long ago that our peer, and friend, Ann Nelson, a local Cambridge, Wisconsin Realtor, was 
killed while showing a home to a criminal posing as a potential home buyer.

Trish Schaefer, owner of American Realtors, said, "The past few years have been the most violent I have 
seen in my twenty five years as a Realtor. We’ve seen an increase in attacks, robberies, murders and 
rapes committed against Realtors--as well as home buyers and sellers.  The basic elements involved 
when selling a home makes everyone involved easy prey for criminals—and they know it.”

The housing market is coming back, and lots of people are selling their homes—you may be considering 
it too. Will you use a real estate agent you can trust, or do it yourself?   No matter which path you 
choose, there are unique safety and security considerations for both. 

"Safe and Sold” with American REALTORS

 "Aside from our full real estate services, it is with gratitude and honor that we can provide some economic opportunity to help in our own small way to improve the quality of life for American Military and Small Business Owner families,”  said Trish Schaefer, co-owner of American, REALTORS. Trish is a lifelong entrepreneur, a 5th Generation Wisconsinite, and an Official Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).   Trish’s 9th Great-Grandfather, Sergeant Jacob Newland, was a Patriot who fought in the Revolutionary War.  To all these heroes, and American Patriots of today continuing the tradition of the long line of Patriots before them by helping to promote liberty and freedom-- we sincerely thank you! 


The highest compliment I can receive for a job well done is a referral. Please tell others if we have done a good job for you.  We appreciate your business!

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