Closing Tips

Closing Tips

Closing Tips for Your Real Estate Transaction

Closings are typically conducted at the Title Insurance Company servicing your transaction. Closings are
scheduled every hour on the hour, and usually take about one hour from start to finish.

All funds that are needed to close from the Buyer(s) or Seller(s) must be in the form of a bank wire or cashier’s check payable to the servicing Title Insurance Company.

Seller(s) are reminded that, in most cases, all spouses must sign the deed to convey the property at Closing. If you are not sure whether your spouse must sign, please contact the Title Insurance Company servicing your transaction prior to Closing.

Sellers, if you have an auto-pay mortgage and/or property tax escrow, please remember to contact your
mortgage lender to discontinue your auto-pay and provide them with your forwarding address for any
over-payment and/or refund of escrow funds.

If Seller(s) will be using net proceeds from another Closing on the same day, please notify the Title Insurance
Company prior to Closing.

The Title Insurance Company will contact the water utility company, if applicable, on the Seller(s) behalf so that
they can pay the final water bill at closing and transfer service to the Buyer(s).

We remind both the Buyer(s) and Seller(s) that they need to contact other utility companies to begin or end
service. If needed, please ask your American, REALTORS agent for the applicable utility service provider contact
information for your new home.

You should expect to see a final HUD Settlement Statement from the Title Insurance Company within a couple
days prior to Closing which will outline both Seller and Buyer expenses, credits, and net payment due.

Items to Remember:
□ Valid Photo ID such as a Driver’s License or Passport
□ Checkbook
□ Keys and garage openers
□ Any lien waivers for work completed in the last 6 months

Thank you for considering American, REALTORS. We hope to be of service to you.

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