Rent vs Buy Calculator

Are you wondering if you should continue to rent or to buy? Here is a calculator to help you decide.  RENT VS BUY

Amortization Schedule - Your Mortgage Principal & Interest

When you purchase a home with a mortgage, the payment will include principal and interest. The principal is applied to the purchase price and is your "Equity" in the home. For the first few years of your mortgage, the lending entity will be collecting more interest than principal but as time goes on, more principal is applied. Here is a great amortization schedule calculator that you can use to see how your equity increases over the life of your loan. You can also plug in numbers to see how paying a little more each month affects your equity. Click here to view your amortization schedule:

Want to find out how much traffic passes by a property?

WisDOT interactive traffic count map

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) traffic counts are part of an interactive map that allows you to view counts anywhere in the state. The search, pan and zoom features of the map are based on the Google Maps interface. The best way to search for a location in the address box is to insert "WI" after the community name. This will eliminate Google taking you to similar named locations elsewhere in the country.

Traffic counts are reported as the number of vehicles expected to pass a given location on an average day of the year. This value is called the "annual average daily traffic" or AADT and are represented on traffic count or traffic volume maps. The AADT is based on a short-term traffic count, usually 48 hours, taken at the location. This count is then adjusted for the variation in traffic volume throughout the year and the average number of axles per vehicle. Short-term counts are collected over a three-year cycle at nearly 26,000 rural and urban locations throughout the state.